Get started gardening with my simple and easy to understand Vegetable Garden Quick Start Guide!

I love reading gardening books – I’m a collector of them – but when I was brand new, those huge books felt daunting. They had so much information – it was just too much! I needed to know things without flipping through dozens of pages like:

  • When to start my seeds indoors
  • When to transplant seedlings outside
  • How to prepare the soil for each plant
  • How to properly fertilize each vegetable plant

All those gardening books give SO MUCH information, but what if you just want the basics?

You’ll love my Vegetable Garden Quick Start Guide!

You receive 20 pages of information on the most common vegetable plants like cabbages, corn, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, and more. Each contains the vital information you need to know like planting dates, fertilization needs, and more!

It’s easy to read with helpful tips at the beginning to show you how to use this guide, and you can save it on your phone as a PDF – using it right in the garden where it’s needed the most!

Best of all, this PDF is as bargain – it’s only $5! Skip those lengthy books and grab only the information you need right now.