Cotton bags filled with dried lavender for homemade dryer bags.

How to Make Reusable Lavender Dryer Bags

Are you looking for a non-toxic alternative to dryer sheets? Reusable lavender dryer bags are an affordable, safe choice that is easy to make at home.

Lavender dryer bags receive their scent from the dried lavender herb placed inside of the bags. The lavender scent is perfect for clean-smelling clothes, and you may try adding a few drops of essential oils to create an intense smell. These contain no synthetic fragrances, and they’re reusable. You need cotton muslin bags or scrap fabric with some dried lavender.

I typically toss 2-3 lavender dryer bags into each load, and I find each bag lasts for 10 (or more) loads before I think the scent disappears. After, the lavender is safe to put into your compost pile, or you could add it to lavender rice bags to heat in the microwave.

Traditional dryer sheets are full of toxic chemicals you want your family to avoid. Since they aren’t a true necessity, the exposure isn’t worth the risks! Switching to a natural alternative makes sense.

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How to Make Reusable Lavender Bags

Making a set of these only takes a few minutes. They work great as gifts as well. Here is what you need:

Alternatively, instead of cotton muslin bags, you could sew squares with scrap fabric you have. That could be a cheaper route if you have extra fabric available!

If you make squares, cut 4.5″ x 4.5″ squares, pin the wrong side together, and sew along three edges. Turn the squares right side out and move to the next step.

Now, whether you have cotton bags or sewed squares, fill them with dried lavender. The bags will hold 1/4 cup (or more). For the sewed squares, 1/2 cup may work better. A small funnel makes this step easier, but a rolled piece of paper will work sufficiently as well.

Once the bags are filled, sew the squares shut or tie the bags shut. I add an extra tie of yarn or string to ensure the cotton bags won’t open in the dryer.

That’s all you have to do!

What is the Cost Breakdown of DIY Dryer Bags?

Let’s figure out the cost of these dryer bags. Non-toxic replacements often cost more, but we are still budget-conscious and want to make sure these don’t break the bank!

Based on the prices today, each cotton bag is $0.24 (the above-linked item). Purchasing the dried lavender in bulk results in the best price; the listed lavender comes in a 2-pound bag. Roughly 2 dried ounces equals $1.24 per dryer.

The total per bag is $1.48 (roughly), but if we use each dryer bag 10 times, that is $0.14 per load. If we compare these bags to eco-friendly dryer sheets, such as Clean People Dryer Sheets, our homemade version is only $0.04 more!

Using Lavender Dryer Bags

Toss one to three of the herbal dryer sachets in each dryer load. The heat from the dryer helps to release the scent throughout the laundry. The scent won’t be as strong as dryer sheets, but you can increase the scent by adding drops of lavender essential oil to the cotton bag for each use.

Herbal dryer bags naturally lose their scent after six to ten loads. Gently squeeze and move the herbs around before each use. The used lavender may be added to your compost, sprinkled over your carpet with baking soda, or mixed with rice in a microwave heating pad for extra scent!

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