21 Delicious Mulberry Recipes You Need to Try

Don’t let all of those mulberries on your tree go to waste. Try some of these different mulberry recipes this year!

Until I married my husband, I had never heard of mulberries or tried them. He grew up with the trees in his backyard – which is now our backyard – and his mother always found ways to use them up. I wanted to find even more mulberry recipes and ways to use them up since our tree produces so many gallons of berries.

I’m not exaggerating!

Our mulberry tree easily produces 50 or more gallons each year. That is more jelly than I could ever think of creating, but I also hate food going to waste.

Mulberries may be invasive, but when it comes to producing berries, these trees are one of the best options for homesteads. Since these berries aren’t sold in stores, you won’t find as many mulberry recipes, but the ones you will find are goodies.

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What are Mulberries?

Our tree is easily 25+ feet tall!

If you’ve never had mulberries, you’re missing out. Mulberries are small, dark (but sometimes white) purple berries that grow on a mulberry tree. These are fast-growing, large trees that are considered invasive in many areas. They spread easily, and these trees often reach up to 30-40 feet tall!

In many areas, mulberry trees come into season around the end of May to beginning of June – depending on your climate and weather – and have about three to four weeks before the season ends. So, you have to try all the mulberry recipes and figure out ways to preserve mulberries before the season is over.

What Do Mulberries Taste Like?

Growing up, I never tried a mulberry before in my life – and never heard of them either – until I began dating my husband. Now that we live in his childhood home with mulberries plentiful in our backyard, people often ask me what do mulberries taste like.

These berries are mild and sweet with a slightly tart flavor. They aren’t as flavorful as other berries, but they are great for snacks and recipes. Some don’t like the small seeds in the berries, but it’s no different than blackberries in my opinion.

Why Are Mulberries Not Sold in Stores?

You might notice that mulberries aren’t available in the stores. This is because they don’t store or ship well; they squish easily. Safely transporting them would be quite difficult. Typically, once you pick the mulberries, you need to use them within one to two days.

21 Mulberry Recipes You’ll Find Delicious

Mulberry Jelly

The very first recipe that I ever tried with mulberries was mulberry jelly; it’s a family staple. I aim to create enough mulberry jelly to last our family until the following year along with enough to give to friends and family.

Making mulberry jelly takes a few steps. You will need to juice or strain the berries to get rid of the seeds to create the juice for mulberry. A smooth consistency is one of the differences between jelly and jam.

Trust me, this will be a family favorite for years to come!

Mulberry Jam

If you don’t want to make jelly, try making mulberry jam – it’s another one of our favorite mulberry recipes. The biggest difference with this recipe is that you leave the seeds in but remove the stems, so it has fewer steps.

Since mulberry trees produce quite literally gallons of berries, you want quick ways to use them up.

Dark Cherry Mulberry Jam

Here is an interesting twist to mulberry jam – dark cherry mulberry jam. The addition of dark cherries creates a unique flavor profile and a bit of tartness because dark cherries are a bit more tart than mulberries.

However, the creator of this recipe encourages you to use whatever fruit or berries you have on hand and see what you create! Be creative and see what you love the most.

Mulberry Lavender Jam with Honey

Doesn’t mulberry lavender jam with honey sound delicious? Not only is it healthier because it uses honey (but you can use white sugar if you prefer), but it’s a well-paired combination that is aromatic and delicious. Lavender transforms the mulberries, creating something you’ll want to eat all the time for breakfast.

Mulberry Freezer Jam

If you don’t have time for canning, try making mulberry freezer jam instead. It’s one of the best mulberry recipes for beginners who still want to preserve their bounty. You’ll create a small batch of jam without any pectin or sugar. Instead, this recipe uses honey and orange juice to sweeten up the berries.

This recipe is versatile since you can use any berries in place of the mulberries, such as blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc, or try a mixed berry combination.

Mulberry Syrup

Instead of jelly or jam, make mulberry syrup. This recipe tells you to keep it in the fridge for up to 2 months, but it’s possible to can it as well like you would can mulberry jelly.

Mulberry syrup is a versatile item for your pantry. You can drizzle it over pancakes, cheesecake, crepes, ice cream sundaes, and yogurt. That’s just a few ideas!

Mulberry Iced Tea

On a hot day, nothing is better than a large glass of iced tea. Why not try a glass of mulberry iced tea, made with mulberry syrup, green tea, and fresh mint leaves – delicious!

If you don’t have mulberries, you can use other berries for this recipe. It has the right amount of fruity flavor without being too overpowering, and the mulberry syrup creates the perfect color in your glass.

Mulberry Lemonade

Mulberry lemonade is a unique drink created with fresh mulberries, powdered sugar, lemons, and ice cubes. You puree it to make a delicious, slushie mulberry lemonade that kids will think is a special treat.

Mulberry Mojitos

You need a cool, refreshing drink on those long, summer nights, and you’ll love mulberry mojitos. This is a fruity twist on the classic mojito, and if you can’t find mulberries, try this recipe with blackberries or blueberries. Mulberries create a gorgeous color for this drink, and it has a light, refreshing flavor.

Mulberry Ice Cream

Last year, I wanted to make something for my kids with the mulberries, and I found this recipe for mulberry ice cream. It is so yummy and easy to make. Put the ingredients into an ice cream machine, and you’ll have a yummy treat before you know it.

Mulberry Sorbet

Sorbet is similar to ice cream, since it’s a frozen treat, but this recipe is spiked, so consider it an adult frozen treat. You only need three (four if you want it spiked) ingredients and no special equipment aside from a fine mesh sieve and a blender.

Mulberry Fruit Leather

You can use all of those mulberries to create a yummy treat for your kids. Creating fruit leather is something you can do with most fruits. All you have to do is blend and heat up the fruit with some sugar and use a dehydrator to dry them until the right texture. Then, roll them up and keep them for a healthy yet yummy treat while your kids are playing!

Simple Mulberry Cookies

If you have a few extra jars of mulberry jam, then make some mulberry cookies. This recipe shows you how to make sweet and delicious thumbprint cookies, filled with mulberry jam. It’s a great way to use up all those mulberries and give your family an easy treat.

Favorite Mulberry Muffins Recipe

Are you looking for mulberry recipes to serve for breakfast? Try these mulberry muffins!

This is one of the only mulberry recipes that uses both fresh mulberries and mulberry jam – you definitely need to make sure your pantry has several jars for these different recipes I’m sharing. However, the creator of the recipe says you can use any of your favorite jams instead.

Best of all, these muffins are too overly sweet. The flavor of the mulberries truly shine through rather than just sugar.

Easy Mulberry Pie Recipe

Tossing together this easy mulberry pie will be the perfect addition to any diner. The recipe showcases the delicious, juicy berries, and the other ingredients are things I’m sure you have on hand. So, you can make this whenever the mood strikes!

Mulberry Crumb Bars

Our kids love crumb bars; they’re versatile and fun to make. You start by making a bottom crust, and this recipe uses fresh mulberries, sugar, and cornstarch to create the filling. Then, you add some of the crumbly topping and bake it – yum!

Mulberry Puff Pastry Danishes

Even if you’re a new baker, you’ll be able to make puff pastry danishes. These are easy desserts made with an easy cheesecake filling and fresh mulberries. You’ll notice that these mulberry puff pastry dishes have a naturally pink glaze from the mulberry juice, and if you can’t find mulberries, you can use blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, or any other type of berry you might have!

Mulberry Pie Bars

If you have tons of mulberries leftover, try these mulberry pie bars. They’re a sweet, indulgent treat, perfect as a dessert after dinner. You create this recipe with a flaky pie crust, mulberry pie filling, and a crumbly brown sugar oat topping – YUM! Everyone will go crazy over this dessert.

Fresh Mulberry Cobbler

Another one of my favorite mulberry recipes is a fresh mulberry cobbler, the perfect way to show off these sweet summer berries. This recipe has juicy mulberries with a cake-like cobbler topping. Make sure to serve it with whipped cream and ice cream for the perfect summer treating.

Mulberry Scones

Scones are the perfect snack with a cup of tea with some friends on the porch. This simple recipe for mulberry scones is easy to make and has a delicious lemon glaze, but you can forego the lemon and just have a vanilla glaze.

Mulberry & Lemon Pound Cake

Pound cake is the ultimate dessert, rich and decadent. Lemon and berries are the perfect combo, cutting through the richness of the butter with some freshness.

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