8 Aggressive Rooster Breeds: Make Sure You Watch Out!

Did you know some chicken breeds are known for having more aggressive roosters than other breeds?

Roosters are typically part of raising chickens but they have a reputation for not being the nicest creatures. However, there are a few aggressive rooster breeds that are known for being nastier than others.

We all have some sort of bad rooster story. Nearly all of us have a story or two of being chased by a rooster, but some breeds are not ideal for the family homestead. Some of these chicken breeds have been bred for cockfighting, and even though many areas of the world no longer participate in these horrific fights, nature has continued.

Some of the best aggressive roosters include: Malay, Old English Game, and Cornish Chickens. These aren’t the only ones! Several game chicken breeds make this list, so let’s take a look at what you should know about these chickens.

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8 Aggressive Rooster Breeds

1. Malay Roosters

When considering aggressive rooster breeds, let’s start with the Malay chicken breed. These aren’t a popular chicken fighting breed, but they are pretty aggressive and dominant.

These breeds are a bit different than others on the list because they have much sharper beaks and powerful legs. Their body looks different than most roosters, and they stand tall, up to three feet tall.

Malay roosters think they’re the boss of every animal, and they know their beaks and legs make them a formidable force to mess with. It’s not uncommon for these birds to attack dogs, cats, and humans.

You should never mix these breeds with other chickens. Their dominating personality takes over, and they will kill another chicken if mixed together. Malay chickens don’t like confinement well, so if you do want to raise them, they need plenty of space to roam to keep them semi-happy.

2. Old English Game Roosters

Old English Game chickens are beautiful; they have such a range of colors on their feathers. This breed was bred as a fighting chickens, so they’re considered one of the most aggressive rooster breeds.

Even the hens are aggressive and spunky!

That means if you want to raise Old English Game chickens, they need to be kept away from your other breeds. They tend to be territorial and rarely play name with others. You also need to make sure you never have more than one rooster – they will quite literally fight to the death.

However, some chicken keepers keep these roosters because they’re considered good protectors of their flock. They aren’t afraid of really any thing – or anyone – that may be a threat.

3. Cornish Chickens – Indian Game

When you see the name Cornish Chickens, your immediate thought may be the Cornish Cross chickens you raise as meat birds.

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These aren’t the same!

Cornish Chickens came from England, where they were used as cockfighters because they’re muscular, large birds with fiesta attitudes. They’re known for being quite aggressive towards other birds – they fight amongst each other quite regularly.

While the roosters are more aggressive than the Cornish hens, the hens are still mean. Some say the chicks are even mean! They pull feathers, and it’s not uncommon for their to eat the weak in their broods.

4. American Game Chickens

Here is another breed of chicken created specifically for chicken fighting. They’re known for being loud, mean, and territorial birds that cannot be kept it other chickens. They attack without any thought.

If you put two roosters together, it will be a bloodbath.

In general, American Game roosters are just rude. They bully other hens and their young, so you might wonder why in the world you would raise them.

They are considering show birds due to their beautiful coloring. Their colorations are unique and stand out. American Game chickens were bred by George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and other historical figures. Some people love keeping and continuing historical breeds of chickens.

5. Asil or Aseel Roosters

Asil, often called Aseel, chickens pretty much take the cake for being the most combative chickens EVER. Seriously!

It’s said that they start fighting within a few weeks of hatching, and males must be separated no later than three months old or they will battle to the death. It’s quite sad that they are so aggressive considering they are gorgeous birds.

Now, some people say that Asil chickens are quite friendly to humans, especially when hand raised immediately after hatching. Also, they prefer not to be penned up – they like to be free and roaming around. Asil chickens aren’t cold weather chickens either!

Asil chickens originated in India with the purpose of chicken battling. It took centuries to introduce these birds into Europe, but their battling nature continued. These are quite a dangerous bird to raise.

6. Oriental Game

Some people called this Jungle Fowl or Oriental Fowls, but they all have a serious natural instinct to fight and defend their territory. Oriental Game chickens are one of the last standing ancient chickens that resemble the first domesticated chickens moreso than any other breed.

However, it’s important to know a few thing about Oriental Game birds.

First, they are still mostly wild birds, so they fly pretty well. Don’t expect them to just stay put and not fly. In fact, one of the breeds you can buy today is Sumatra, and they’re one of the best flying chicken breeds.

In good conditions, they’ll fly for up to 5 miles without landing – wild right!

Something else you should know is they are very hostile and start fighting each other nearly immediately after hatching. The mother hens are great moms and will handle the fighting well.

7. Modern Game Chickens

Modern Game breeds are a mix of Old English game and Malay chickens. Originally, Modern Game birds weren’t bred for fighting, but genetics played a factor, and they retained some of the aggressiveness of each breed.

One of the differences with this breed is that it’s possible to train them to be more relaxed. A group of hens and a single rooster tend to be fine together, but males cannot be together.

If you want to keep your chickens happy – and hopefully less feisty – let them free range. They are happier free ranging rather than stick in confinement.

8. Faverolles

Faverolles are a French-British chickens that have never been raised for fighting; they’re a dual purpose chicken. Many raise them nowadays for chickens for show because their feathers are gorgeous.

It’s quite surprising that Faverolles are so aggressive, but they’re known for being territorial chickens. The roosters are most aggressive – the hens are fairly chill. You most definitely don’t want two of these roosters in the same pen.

Should You Raise Aggressive Rooster Breeds?

After reading all about these aggressive rooster breeds, you might wonder why in the world you would want to raise them since they’re primarily for cockfighting.

The biggest reasons why people raise these chickens is because they are gorgeous. They look fantastic in bird shows.

Another reason to consider them is that they are guard chickens. They protect their territory and less care than you would need to give a dog. However, they need a lot of careful handling and an understanding that these aren’t chickens to raise for egg laying.

FAQs about Aggressive Rooster Breeds

Are Silkie Roosters Aggressive?

Silkie roosters are far from aggressive; they’re quite friendly towards humans. However, roosters are known for all being individuals, and some silkie roosters may be nice but others could be a bit bossy.

In general, silkies are often the least aggressive of the chicken breeds in your flock anyway!

Are Polish Roosters Aggressive?

I love Polish chickens; my husband always calls them the Afro chickens with their little puffs of hair at the top of their heads.

In general, Polish roosters are far less aggressive than other breeds, but their puffy air reduces their peripheral vision. That makes them a big jumpier, so they may seem skittish, but that doesn’t equal aggressiveness.

Are Easter Egger Roosters Aggressive?

Easter Eggers – which technically aren’t a true breed – are awesome chickens with a wide range of temperaments. Some are more aggressive, but in general, they are mellow and relaxed.

However, since these Easter Egger roosters aren’t a true breed, their genetics range widely, making it impossible to know for sure what you will get. They’re like a box of chocolates!

Are Leghorn Roosters Aggressive?

When you look at some of the best egg-laying chickens, leghorns lead the list, but they’re also some of the most aggressive roosters. Compared to this list of breeds, they’re calm, but don’t be surprised if you get chased a few times!

Whether you want a watch dog rooster or a gorgeous show bird, these aggressive rooster breeds may be mean, but they sure are pretty to look at! Just be careful if you have kids around these breeds since many were bred for fighting – they’ll attack!

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