13 Campfire Recipes that Aren’t S’mores

Camping season is upon us! It is time to head out in nature and spend time with our families. Just because you are camping doesn’t mean your dinners don’t need to delicious, and you have other options besides hot dogs and hamburgers. Campfire recipes can be delicious!

13 Campfire Recipes that Aren't S'mores

Maybe camping isn’t your thing. You can still enjoy campfire food. All you need is a fire pit in your backyard. My kids love when decide to have a bonfire and cook! It is a wonderful way to spend an evening. Sometimes, w

There is more to cook on a campfire than just s’mores. Don’t get me wrong; those are delicious! If you want to make a full meal, here are some options we cook over a campfire that you may love too.

13 Delicious Campfire Recipes 


Bacon Ranch Campfire Potatoes

Everyone loves potatoes. They are a staple for many meals, and they cook well over a fire. Gather for Bread has a fantastic recipe that you can make over a campfire or on the grill.  Ranch makes everything better, and these would make an excellent side dish for hot dogs and hamburgers.

Campfire Cones

I know I mentioned that s’mores aren’t on the list. Campfire cones are different. You can fill them with anything that you love. Chocolate chips, bananas, strawberries, butterfingers, mini reese cups and more can be used! They are a delicious treat.

Hip2Save offers an awesome recipe, and you can see how versatile the recipe is! Our kids love these, and we make them on the grill sometimes as well. Strawberries, chocolate chips, and mini reese’s cups are my favorite combination.

So. Good

Campfire French Toast

13 Campfire Recipes that Aren't S'mores

There is no reason to forego French toast because you are camping. The recipe by This Little Piglet is easy enough that you could prepare this camping breakfast in less than 15 minutes. It takes about 40 minutes to cook, so plan ahead to have this breakfast ready for the kids when they wake up!

Make some banana muffins ahead of time for an easy breakfast!

Grilled Chicken and Vegetables 

13 Campfire Recipes that Aren't S'mores

It is very easy to put together this dinner. You can smothered the chicken in BBQ sauce and use any type of vegetables you have handy. It is a simple and flavorful dinner.

Diethood shows us how to throw this dinner together. I love a combination of zucchini, broccoli, peppers, and mushrooms. Mushrooms are life, my friends.

Campfire Parmesan Popcorn

13 Campfire Recipes that Aren't S'mores

Everyone needs to have a snack while camping, and popcorn is the perfect idea. Parmesan popcorn is a delicious and easy to make treat. Kitchen Concoctions gives us this recipe, and I can’t wait to make it this year when we camp with the kids.

Campfire Pizza Nachos

13 Campfire Recipes that Aren't S'mores

Nachos and kids go together like chocolate and peanut butter. To complete this recipe, you need to have a cast iron pan. You can customize the recipe however you want with your favorite pizza toppings. Once again, I would probably add mushrooms. I have a slight addiction, but you can just follow the exact recipe by Cooking with Janica.

Hot Ham and Cheese Campfire Sandwiches

You are probably going to need some lunches while camping instead of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Why not make some delicious hot ham and cheese sandwiches? We love them on croissants or artisan buns. Taste and Tell uses Hawaiian rolls, and those are pretty darn good too.

Beer Cheese

Nothing compares to beer cheese. Bring along some crackers and you have yourself a great appetizer or snack while fishing. I probably could eat the entire bowl! Cooking Life to the Fullest suggests having some pretzels, and I love that she uses a disposable aluminum pan – easy clean up!

Campfire Skillet Cornbread

Cornbread goes with anything. Whether you have hamburgers or grilled chicken for dinner, you can pair cornbread with it for a full meal. You will need a cast iron skillet for this recipe. Fresh Off the Grid shows us how to make this awesome dish. I might put the dry ingredients in a bag ahead of time.

Campfire Whisky BBQ Chicken

13 Campfire Recipes that Aren't S'mores
This recipe requires you to preplan. You have to make the marinade ahead of time at home. It stays good for two days, so make it right before you head out. This is another great recipe by Cooking with Janica, and it looks delicious. It is a campfire recipe that is sure to impress.

Campfire Meatballs

13 Campfire Recipes that Aren't S'mores

Who doesn’t love meatballs in tomato sauce with a salad and garlic bread? Everyone does! Kitchen Concotions gives us another great campfire recipe. You could make the meatballs ahead of time, because you are going to be busy, but the recipe is easy to throw together in a few minutes.

French Bread Pizza 

13 Campfire Recipes that Aren't S'Mores

A Thrifty Mom came up with this recipe idea, and it’s so smart. She makes the French bread pizza ahead of time. It isn’t hard to make, just like her camping breakfast burritos. You store them in a baggie until it is time to cook. French bread pizza is great for lunches and dinners.

Camping Mac and Cheese 

13 Campfire Recipes that Aren't S'Mores

This awesome recipe divides the mac and cheese into four containers, so it’s a great side dish idea. Lauren’s Latest makes her mac and cheese with alfredo sauce, which sounds delicious.

Do you have a delicious campfire recipe that you love to make? Share it with me! We love to camp, and we can never have too many recipes.

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  1. mmm! These are so perfect! My boyfriend and I are gearing up for a big camping trip in the fall! Can’t wait to try some of these!

  2. I love these ideas! They seem different than your basic camping food. The bacon ranch potatoes sound excellent. I love the idea of filling a cone with sweet ingredients, too.

  3. Woo! I LOVE finding new camping recipes. Everyone gets bored with the same ol s’mores and roasted hot dogs. These recipes are fantastic and will definitely be added to my list for the next camping trip!

  4. I love these ideas! Those pizza nachos look AMAZING! My kids made the camp cones last week! We didn’t leave ours on long enough for everything to melt. How long did you leave yours on for?

    1. I didn’t time it, but I think about 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure you turn them otherwise they might burn on one side. We learned that the hard way.

  5. I have seen some of these on different cooking shows on tv. Always good to change it up instead of the old hot dogs over the fire.

  6. These are such great ideas! I also recommend making skillet s’mores–you fill a (clean) cast iron skillet with chocolate chips on the bottom and marshmallows on top, keep them on the fire or the grill until they melt, then eat them with graham crackers. So good and so easy!

  7. Not just for camping! These would all be fun to cook on the backyard grill. We’ve done different variations of the chicken in foil, and it always turns out delicious!

    1. Absolutely! I love using the grill, plus it doesn’t heat up the house during the hot summer.

  8. Okay, so each photo/recipe I read as I scrolled, I literally kept saying to myself “oh that looks yummy!”, “OMG I want to try this one, too!”, “it just keeps getting better and better!”. Aaaaaaand now I’m hungry.

  9. All of these recipes look yummy even though I’m not a big camper..although good food might entice me! I’ve been wanting to make those vines for the kids.

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