Introducing Our Family

DSC_7593.JPGHi y’all! I am so thankful that you stumbled upon my little blog. It is just in the beginning stages, but I have many wonderful plans. I hope you check out and see all the great ideas.

I want to introduce you to my family. My husband, Andrew, and I were married in 2012, after dating throughout high school, which was 10 years ago. That makes me feel old! Our youngest, Caelyn, was born in 2010. Our middle child, Brayden, came along in 2012, a few months prior to our wedding. Our third baby, Connor, is our sweet little rainbow baby. He joined our family in February 2016.

Aside from having three wonderful kids, our lives stay busy on a regular basis. We are a homeschooling family, a passion I love to discuss. Later, throughout the blog, we will talk about our homeschool plans and lessons. I garden throughout the spring and summer, focusing on preserving many of our foods.

Don’t worry; you are going to find out so much about our family before long. I can’t wait to jump into the most important topic of this blog: living on a budget.

Do you struggle to live on a budget? Is it as frustrating for you as it is for us? For us, 2017 is geared towards knocking down debt as we aim towards purchasing a new (to us) home this summer.

I don’t want to spill the beans too much. I have too many good tips to share. Check out soon; March is going to be a fun month!

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